Tuesday, December 8, 2009

HEY, HEY ....... I AM LISTENING ........

Just curious whether you can see me sitting in between the two gentlemen. I don't blame you if you can't, because at times I can become invisible!

(AI) (NR)
(Photo, from The STAR)
Today, I'd like to write a little bit about "politics". Which is not my stuff, actually. Here's an "imagined dialogue" on politics (?). Imagined by the invisible man!

AI: Nice teh tarik, ha?
NR: Ya. You should drink as much as possible today. Starting tomorrow there will be no more sugar subsidy. Teh tarik naik hargalah!
AI: If I were PM, everything would be subsidised! You, not sensitive to people's needs la. Next time, see what I will do when I become PM.
NR: You will not be able to do anything!
AI: Awat tak boleh? Why do you say that?
NR: Because you will never be PM. As long as I am around. And as long as Muhyiddin is around.
AI: Hahaha, that's what you don't know .....! I've got another "target date" now. Many of your people will surely join my group!
NR: Kakaka ... you only have "tak get date". Tak dapat punya date punya cerita!
AI: Ooops .... loceng bunyi. Time's up! Teh tarik with subsidised sugar, tastes really nice la.
NR: Yup! But I will still take back the sugar subsidy. You can't take my place just because of that, right?
(Temuk imagining ... both of them walking back to the Dewan ...)
TEMUK: Aiyoyo! Outside the Dewan, they still talked about position, about politics! Why didn't they talk about the birds and the bees? Or about sambal petai, kuteow goreng, make-up powder, the goodness of gamat or haruan, or about playing football on a muddy field during the primary school days?
TEMUK: Oh, oh! They might have talked about all these. About anything in the world, except positions and politics! I wasn't there, actually! And I'm not invisible!


Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...

Salam Temuk,
That was what you wished they should have talked about over teh tarik or kopi-o kaw-kaw punya with little sugar?. Creative thinking, Temuk

Temuk said...

Hjh Nora
Ye le agaknye! A friend used to tell me, some politicians are really good actors. They fight like nobody's business in public. But in private, they always have teh tarik together. What about if they have their teh tarik together in public? Eloklah baik sangka. Kesian pada para ahli politik yg berkorban apa saja demi rakyat.

al-lavendari said...

t.kasih kerana melawat blog saya. seronok dpt berkomunikasi dengan orang2 sebaya ni.
dialog tu memang kreatif dan mungkin juga itu yg mereka bualkan. fasal politik saya suka juga ikut tapi x minat nak masuk. saya dari spesis lain.
saya komen dalam BM boleh ? sebab BI saya lemah, tak sesuai utk tatapn umum.

Abam Kie said...

I am tired of our leaders who always fight with each other as if there's no tomorrow. They should sit down and discuss.

Temuk said...

Salam sdr al-lavendari
T.kasih berkunjung. Mcm dikata, saya pun tk minat sngat politik, apa lagi 'kecoh-kecohnya"! Saja nk tngok reaksi pd "dialog yg dibayangkan". Mereka crita apa, sbnarnya, ntahlah. Tk da masalah dgn BM. Saya pun guna BI yg patah-patah, sbb kekadang ada pengunjung luar. Sdr asal NS ke? Ketemu lagi.

Temuk said...

Hi Juk
Thanks for dropping by. Like many others, I totally agree with you. Our leaders should learn to respect one another and work together for the people. If leaders, especially from different parties, continue to fight, then the ordinary people will act just like them, or (pity them!) they become very confused.

KUNTONG said...

Salam perkenalan dari saya.Kuntong BP.
Apa pun ceta mereka diharapkan org Melayu bersatu demi servive bangsa Melayu. Thanks menjadi follower saya.

Temuk said...

Salam Sdr Kuntong
Moga-moga begitulah. Kita boleh junjung konsep 1Malaysia. Tapi, 1Melayu juga amat penting (bukannya bererti kita rasis atau junjung etnosentrisme), sbb kalau Melayu berpecah, 1Malaysia juga sukar digapai.

louis said...

This column,
by the 2009 Nobel prize winner for Economics and NY Times columnist, Paul Krugman expresses the frustration you have described in your blog, with political leaders who seem totally disinterested in rational solutions to important national problems.

As Krugman observes:

"When I first began writing for The Times, I was naïve about many things. But my biggest misconception was this: I actually believed that influential people could be moved by evidence, that they would change their views if events completely refuted their beliefs.

Seems as applicable here in the US as in Malaysia and I would think, universally.

Temuk said...

Hi louis
Thank you for visiting. I totally agree with you that such attitude among leaders is universal. Politics is about acquisition, distribution & use of power. Our political leaders could easily betray & mistreat the public in the process of getting, distributing & employing their power. I'll try to look for that article by Krugman. It must be interesting. Thank you again. Hope you have a lovely Christmas this year.

Leenoh said...

Salam Temuk.

Dah lama tak ke sini...rupanya semakin meriah dan bergaya.

Temuk said...

Salam sdr Leenoh
Meriah & gaya taklah seberapa. Tapi dari segi ngisi masa, memang baguslah berblog ni, kan? Kekadang terlalai juga. Kot kira nak buka blog orang lain, wow, mana nak menang tangan. Saya pun lama tak ke rumah sdra. Insya Allah nanti berkunjung.